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Oct. 19th, 2017 09:04 pm
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My newest edits (click to see in full size)... First one is McQueen from Space: Above And Beyond, and the second Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Also found the header of one of my old Star Trek site layouts, and thought I'd upload it too:

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Hi anyone out there in dreamwidth land :)

I have had a lot of school work to do (what else is new), a sick sister (she's getting tested for some intensive allergies and autoimmune), and a very intensive school project where I shadow and interview park rangers (which is overall pretty cool). Also, this weekend is my one-year anniversary with [personal profile] ladydreamer so she came up to Maryland to see me and it's been really fun. We exchanged gifts and she got me a beautiful celtic necklace (think the tri symbol from charmed) and also a pancake purse which makes sense because I've been torturing her with pages from the same bad story for a while :P

Overall, going well, just need to do well on midterm and do what I can on a paper I have an extension on after a car accident that hurt my shoulder but didn't turn out anywhere as badly as it could have.

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