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Today, I did two things for writing. I did a bit of a character being happy, or at least getting there. The other thing I did was start an episode by episode break down of Christine Chapel. Part of me just wants to see if I'm putting on blinders and refusing to see the pathetic character others do, or if her reputation is more than a bit undeserved. I'll be covering both TOS and TAS. I won't actually be able to cover the movies until I get them on DVD.

Basically, what that all means is that you get no snippet today. Mwahahaha.

In case anyone's interested, this was actually brought on by a few fics in which Chapel's the lovesick shrew, and then, finally, this discussion post at [ profile] spock_chapel.

When I do get this finished, I will be posting here, in case you want to read it.

For my past WED posts, check out my writing:write every day tag.

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