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Jun. 18th, 2010 02:15 pm
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We have a first time happening on LJ here: [personal profile] velvetwhip is posting Spuffy fic. More than that, it's Spuffy fic that I'm actually enjoying. Scary, huh? Now for the details:
Come Pouring Down Unified [locations: livejournal or personal archive]
author: [personal profile] velvetwhip
pairing: Angel(us)/Willow, Buffy/Spike
rating: FRAO
summary: *Set post NFA* In the aftermath of the final battle, Willow, Angel, Spike, and Buffy are faced with the challenge of what to do when the war is over.
why: I have the privilege of beta'ing this, so I've read ahead of what's been posted. Trust me, this a realistic and mature look at all four characters and both pairings. It's Spuffy that could be lasting while keeping both characters, IMO, in character.

In other news, two days until my birthday!!! For a refresher to any planning on churning out something quickly for me (or giving me a late gift, which I love as well), here's my list again:

  • Angel the Series / Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    1. Angel(us)/Fred
    2. Angel(us)/Fred/Spike
    3. Angel(us)/Fred/Spike/Willow
    4. Dru/Fred
    5. Dru/Willow
    6. Fred/Illyria
    7. Spike/Willow

  • Doctor Who
    1. Donna/Any Doctor
    2. Donna/Lee
    3. Donna/Anybody
    4. Rory/Eleven

  • Dresden Files
    1. Harry/Murphy
    2. Thomas/Murphy

  • Glee
    1. Puck/Rachel

  • Heroes
    1. Elle/Sylar

  • Star Trek (AOS or TOS)
    1. Amanda/Sarek
    2. Amanda/Sarek/Anyone on this list except Spock
    3. Chapel/Kirk
    4. Chapel/Kirk/McCoy
    5. Chapel/Kirk/Spock
    6. Chapel/McCoy
    7. Chapel/McCoy/Spock
    8. Chapel/Uhura
    9. Chapel/Uhura/any male I've mentioned in this list
    10. Kirk/McCoy
    11. Kirk/McCoy/Spock
    12. Kirk/Uhura
    13. McCoy/Spock
    14. McCoy/Spock/Uhura
    15. McCoy/Uhura
    16. Scotty/Uhura
    17. Gaila/Anyone on this list
    18. Rand/Anyone on this list

  • Xena: Warrior Princess
    1. Aphrodite/Gabrielle
    2. Ares/Gabrielle
    3. Cupid/Gabrielle
    4. Caesar/Gabrielle
    5. Gabrielle/Xena

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