tmbreck: Well, as sane as can be expected. (writing)
Human error/accidents Computers/AI Killer insects
Mass insanity/delusion WILD CARD Genetic experimentation
Pandemic/Plague Sentient hostile planet All consuming fire

Yes, I'm already excited. I've already got an idea for three of these, and they're all looking like original fic. Okay, make that four, all original fic, three fantasy and one science fiction. Damn, though!
tmbreck: Well, as sane as can be expected. (Default)

Let's hope it really gets me back into the flow of writing. Yes, I know I've got two long stories going, but sometimes I need to get my doom and gloom urges out of the way so those two stories don't take a drastic turn for the horrific. Now I just have to wait for my card.

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